Do Myomas Prevent Pregnancy?

Fibroids that form inside the uterus can cause failure to conceive. Experts have reached a consensus that fibroids will be effective in preventing pregnancy. The relationship between fibroids in the muscle layer and inability to conceive has not been fully determined. Fibroids located outside the uterine wall are not related to the pregnancy that will occur. Because pregnancy develops in the womb.

Fibroids, which are found in approximately 5-10% of women with infertility, can be the sole cause of infertility in 1-2.4% of women. The relationship of fibroids with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, and the chances of conceiving women with fibroids have been investigated in many studies. Before infertility treatment, fibroids of which size and location should be removed and when, and whether infertility treatment or myoma surgery should be performed first is controversial.

In Which Situations Should the Surgery Be Performed?

Submucous fibroids growing into the inner cavity of the uterus and intramural fibroids and large fibroids that are embedded in the uterine wall but spreading into the uterine cavity adversely affect the results of in vitro fertilization and these fibroids must be removed before in vitro fertilization treatment.

Myomas on the outer surface of the uterus do not have a negative effect on reproductive functions and surgery is not recommended. In patients with small fibroids located in the uterine wall, good ovulation response, recurrent pregnancy failures despite high quality embryos, or early pregnancy loss, removal of these fibroids may increase the chance of getting pregnant.

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